Our Programs

A wide range of programs is offered on Torres de Selma. Below are some examples:
  • Detox program: This treatment is to cleanse and detox the body of toxins that accumulate from lifestyle and the environment. We, at Torres de Selma, pride ourselves on some of the treatments available for detoxing. Ayurveda to Peruvian shamanic treatments with specialists from the country itself who specialize in connective tissue massages to energetic treatment methods. A tailor-made treatment will be made available for everyone.
  • Retreat program: Tranquility around you and within deep inside yourself. Complete silence and stillness in order to find your own inner peace in the form of Yoga and Meditation. Chineng is also a perfect “meditation in motion” to create an ambiance for retreats that will guide you to complete that peace and quietness.
  • Creative program: In order to discover yourself you need to know yourself. Take the opportunity to discover yourself through creativity. With hands in clay during pottery, painting from intuition or daring to use colors to express your emotions. Amaze yourself by looking in the mirror and express your wishes, dreams and intentions. You will take home YOUR visionboard.
  • Feel good recovery program: A healthy body, a healthy mind. Optimal health gives you room to live your life. We introduce you to innovative insights related to improvement of health. Try the different treatments and choose for yourself what fits you best.
  • Pure nutrition program: You are what you eat ... what do you eat? We offer various workshops on nutrition; knowledge, preparation and testing which will include examples such a baking bread, cooking with the seasons to cooking with the ingredients of a food forest. Also we will take a look at the (medicinal) benefits of the herbs that grow around Torres de Selma and discovering what water really is.
  • Adventure program: Out of your comfort zone. Come into another dimension of yourself. Be adventurous and find a new you that takes you beyond the threshold of your personal limitations. Touring by mountain bike, with an off-road motorbike, on horseback or even just by hiking. You will discover your limits and expand your comfort zone…
Or a combination of these programs.

We would like to come in contact to be able to offer a tailor-made program. If you want to be kept informed about one of our "Life Style of the Future" programs, or if you want a tailor-made program, please fill out the form below.

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